Tarlton & Sons. Inc

3562 S. Elm Avenue
Fresno, California 93706
In 1977, Tom Tarlton started a lathing business out of his backyard to earn a living for his family. His son, Tommy started working for the company on the scaffolding crew. In 1999 Tommy Tarlton took over running the business while his dad focused on estimating. Now 40 years later, Tarlton and Son, Inc. has grown into a company of 240 plus employees that generates more than $40 million dollars in annual sales. Specializing in lath, plaster, drywall, scaffold, metal studs, and EIFS; Tarlton and Son, Inc. is a service labor company that is vertically integrated allowing them to take on an entire job. It takes good people to get jobs, run them efficiently and finish on or before the deadline and that is precisely the reputation that Tarlton and Son, Inc. has earned. Having good, motivated and coordinated employees gives the company its marketing edge. Without the quality key personnel and all their employees we would not have been able to grow the way they have.

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